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8 Tips For Getting Your Kids to Drink Green Juice

8 Tips For Getting Your Kids to Drink Green Juice

8 Tips for Getting Your Kids to Drink Green Juice

1. Start them young!

Start your child on the journey when they are under 1 years old. 

2. Lead by example.

Kids love to do what Mom and Dad are doing. They become curious and typically want to do the same.

3. Use Sweeter Fruits

Adding Apple or Pineapple Juice makes it more palpable. 

4. Or Start with Red Apple and Celery

celery/apple is a great detoxifying combination

5. Decrease Red Apple Over Time

Once your child is accepting celery juice + red apple you can decrease the apple over time.

6. Ice Pops!

Kids will eat ice pops of fresh juice pretty easily. Also great for teething!

7. Use Fun Accessories

Our FUN blender will do the trick. Never underestimate the power of a gadget. 

8. Help Them Feel Grown Up

Let them drink their “green power juice” from a “big boy/girl cup.” Again, motivation!

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