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We are a company dedicated to making healthy juicing as easy and accessible as possible without any compromises on quality.


I am Lorenzo Holley, entrepreneur and founder of Yae! Organics. I am a native New Yorker who grew up in the city but I have deep roots in farming, having been raised in a third generation farming family from North Carolina. Growing up, my father shared stories about life on the farm and as I began to learn more about the connection between health and food, I became intrigued with organic- and locally-farmed food. Through this, I adopted a completely different diet focused on clean eating, raw food and juicing in particular. But like so many people I know, I found it really hard to maintain. Most of all, it was inconvenient and just did not fit with my hectic work and travel schedule. What I also saw was that many people struggled with the cost of buying organic produce, food spoilage and the time to make fresh juice and clean up. All of this made something as simple as juicing very hard to stick to.

As I tried to find a solution for myself, I realized that there are not a lot of good options. There are companies who make juice powders but they also use fillers and compromise on quality. And that’s why I created Yae! Organics. We call it fuss free juicing because we make it easy to do. It’s affordable, all sourced from US farms and now every day anyone can enjoy delicious, raw, organic juice in a few simple steps - just Scoop, Mix and Sip!

We invite you and your family to give Yae! Organics a try. We would love to hear from you at info@yaeorganics.com.

Good Sipping!