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3 Ways To Get Your Family Started On Living An Organic Lifestyle

3 Ways To Get Your Family Started On Living An Organic Lifestyle

The organic movement continues to grow as more Americans are choosing to buy organic food and products. According to statistics, there were 54.83 million people who bought organic food in spring 2017. If you’re one of the many people who vow to be healthier this year, you and your family may want to try living an organic lifestyle. Embracing all things natural not only helps you raise healthy children, but it’s better for your body and kinder on the environment. While adopting a completely organic lifestyle may be challenging, taking small steps and being proactive can help you and your loved ones live in a more sustainable and healthful way. Here are a few ways to get your family started on living an organic lifestyle.

Start with the food that you eat every day

Embracing an organic way of living can be easier if you start with the staples. For instance, you can make the switch to an organic juice powder instead of drinking artificially flavored fruit juices. You can also make the switch to free range or organic eggs, organic olive oil, and organic bread. If you have a baby, you can get a small container of an organic or natural formula just to see if your baby likes it. If your child likes the taste and has no problems digesting the organic formula, then you can make a complete switch and buy a bigger container. Every week, check your pantry and your fridge to see if there are other items that you can switch to organic food.

Choose natural or organic toiletries and cleaning products

Just like you’re choosing to consume organic food, it’s also a good idea to use organic personal care products and household cleaning products to protect your health and the environment. These items contain no harsh chemicals which may potentially harm your family or the earth. Think about switching to organic shampoo or a DIY shampoo made with natural ingredients that can be used by the whole family, a multipurpose organic cleanser, and organic detergent to start with.

Grow your own food

If you’ve got a backyard or even a window sill that can house a pot or two, why not try growing your own food? Beginner gardeners can easily grow veggies such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots. Not only do you save on your grocery bill, but growing your own veggies enables you to minimize your family’s exposure to pesticides. Moreover, your kids will be encouraged to eat their veggies as children are more likely to eat vegetables if they grew and harvested their food by themselves.

Adopting an organic lifestyle can take time, so try to be flexible and learn more about the food that you eat and products that you use. Embracing a natural lifestyle will keep your family healthy as you do your part in caring for the environment.


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