Organic Ginger Root
Organic Ginger Root
Organic Ginger Root
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No additives or preservatives Yae! Organics 100% Organic, Raw Ginger Root Powder is a super antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Ginger has been proven to aid in boosting immunity, digestive support, and nausea relief.

  • No additives or preservatives.

    Yae! Organics 100% Organic Raw Ginger Powder makes fuss-free juicing a reality, making it easy to enjoy fresh ginger anytime.

    Organically grown we dehydrate the ginger at low temperatures so its rich nutrient content and flavor remain intact. There are 115 chemical components found in ginger root which makes it a super antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Ginger has been proven to aid in boosting immunity , digestive support ,and nausea relief.

    We love how fresh ginger makes us feel; its natural flavor makes a perfect addition to your favorite juice, smoothie, and tea for a morning or afternoon pick-me up.

  • Mix 4g (half teaspoon) or less with 8oz of any juice, smoothie, or tea. Or simply add to a dish or dessert. Just scoop, mix and sip fresh ginger in less than a minute.