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Our promise is to make adapting, and maintaining, a plant based lifestyle as convenient as possible without compromising nutrition. We're all about creating future habits. Replacing bad habits with good ones. Our team has spent the last 18 months developing Yae! Organics. We've looked at the astronomical numbers of vitamin deficiencies, and food waste, and decided to be a part of the solution. So far we've managed to source our powders, package them, and launch our website. However expansion has its challenges. 

Sourcing. Your pledge helps us source our powders. The organic process begins with strict USDA regulated farming, testing, and packing procedures. The cost associated with these procedures are reflected in the quality of our powders. 

Getting into stores. We'd like to give you the option to buy our brand at your local market. Retailers require that we have a minimum inventory capacity. They want to be sure we have quality products and the capacity to keep their stores stocked. Your pledge is our voice to retailers. It screams " Yae! Organics should be available in your store because I want it there!"

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All-In-One Fuss Free Juicing Package with Yae! Electronic Blender. Available Exclusively at Kickstarter.