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Yae! Everyday Family Box
Yae! Everyday Family Box

Yae! Everyday Family Box

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Yae! Everyday Family Box is the ultimate way to provide nutrition for the entire family. Mix it up, and get creative, with the included recipe menu.

4x Mixing Shaker Bottles 
1x Recipe Menu
1x 12oz Organic Acai Juice Powder
1x 12oz Organic Baby Spinach Juice Powder
1x 14.4oz Organic Carrot Juice Powder
1x 1.2 lb  Organic Coconut Milk Powder (Dairy Free)
1x 12oz Organic Ginger Powder
1x 12oz Organic Sweet Beet
1x 12oz Matcha Green Tea
1x 12oz  Organic Wheatgrass Juice Powder
1x 16.92oz Organic Mango Carrot Sea Buckthorn (Skin Glow)
1x 1.10 lb  Organic Cayenne Ginger Lemonade (Energy+ Immunity Shots)
1x 1.10 lb Organic Turmeric Ginger Lemonade (Rejuvenating Defense Shots)
1x 14.10oz Organic Celery Lemonade (Digestion+Immunity)
1x 14.12oz Organic Coconut Water (Hydration+Electrolytes)
1x 14.10oz Organic Beet Mango Maca (High Nitrate Energy Shots)