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Sampler Bundle
Sampler Bundle

Sampler Bundle

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Shipping 3/4/24.

Here's the perfect way to try all our amazing drink mixes for the first time. This bundle includes 12 single serving packets of the following drink mixes: 

  • Beet- Energy + Blood Flow
  • Carrot-Vision Health 
  • Tasty Greens-Prebiotic Fibers 
  • Celery Lemonade- Digestion + Immune Health 
  • Turmeric Ginger Lemonade-Defense Shots 
  • Cayenne Ginger Lemonade-Weight Loss +Immunity 
  • Matcha Green Tea- Metabolism Boost 
  • Coconut Water-Electrolytes + Hydration
  • Mango Carrot Sea Buckthorn- Skin Glow 
  • Spinach- Iron+ Ph Balance 
  • Wheatgrass- Multi Vitamin 
  • Ginger-Immune Health 

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