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Complete Creamer

Complete Creamer

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The Calming Balance You need

Balance the jitters of coffee with the nutrition of superfood coconut, mct oil,  and Reishi Mushroom. Stay awake with calm, cool, and balance. One scoop is packed with electrolytes, mcts, and an immunity booster. 

The Perfect Alternative to Sugary Creamers 

No added sugars or bad carbs. Organic Erythritol is an all-natural, plant based sweetener and has no effect on blood sugar. 

Keto Friendly

Rich with essential vitamins, minerals, yet low carbs for ketosis

Easy When You’re On-The-Go!

Toss a jar into your carry-on, bag, or back seat. Or try our Grab n Go packs while traveling. 

Sweet Coconut Taste

This creamer has the taste of sweet Coconut Milk so it doesn't taste like herbs or mushrooms. Add it to your smoothie as a booster. 

  • Mix 1 Scoop into 6-12oz of hot coffee, tea, or any beverage. Add additional scoops according to your taste preference.