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Digestion+Immunity-Organic Celery Lemonade

Digestion+Immunity-Organic Celery Lemonade

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 No Added Sugars, Artificial Additives, Preservatives, or Dyes. Just 5 ingredients

100% Vitamin C (Daily Value) Derived from Organic Alma Fruit 

Supports a strong immune system 


Celery contains natural fibers that keep your digestive system functioning smoothly. Supports Gut Health, Weight Loss, Anti Bloating, Healthy Digestion, Liver Health.

 Sweetened by Plants and Fruits 

No added sugars or bad carbs. Organic Erythritol is an all-natural, plant based sweetener and has no  effect on blood sugar. 

Keto Friendly

Rich with essential vitamins, minerals, yet low carbs for ketosis.

Easy When You're On-the-Go! 

Toss a sachet into your bag while on- the- go. 

*Note: Packaging may vary.

  • This Organic Celery Lemonade makes it easy to enjoy classic sweet lemonade with the cleansing benefits of Celery. Celery contains natural fibers that keeps your digestive system functioning smoothly. Supports Gut Health , Weight Lose, Anti Bloating, Healthy Digestion, Liver Health, and can help boost natural Immunity.
  • Mix entire packet (10g) with 6oz of water for best taste. Best when chilled.